Dec 5, 2018

Nude Tattoo

This is from a recent life drawing class in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The class is held at an animation house by day and full of young hipsters sketching by night. I'm the only old person there. Plus I'm drawing using the Komisky Method like some old relic. No one ever sees anyone else's work. Everyone draws in their own little private Idaho and when it's over they close their drawing books and leave. This was the first time the young folks were sneaking peaks over my shoulder to see what grandpa was up to. Not only was I drawing the model, I was inadvertently drawing attention to myself. I passed out some squirrel stickers and now they seem to be on to me. I've been exposed.

1 comment:

Yossi said...

Is this the Aline Komisky method? If so does Crumb know about it?