Nov 29, 2018

Romaine Lettuce Is A No No

I know the current administration loves to strip away all government regulations and oversight so industrial farms can make more profits. It just hasn't worked out so good for american food safety. There was oversight for a reason. Growers aren't required to test their irrigation water for pathogens such as E coli. As a result, contaminated water can end up on fruits and vegetables. About six months before the romaine contamination, Trump shelved the water-testing rules for at least four more years. Large growers won't have to start inspecting their water systems for pathogens until 2022. Maybe someone will sort of fix that before the four years goes by, if you know what I mean. I keep reading about salmonella and E coli outbreaks on a monthly basis. Even us vegans can't trust eating a green leafy veggie. I may have to start just eating air for a while.

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