Nov 1, 2018


One our recent trip to Ireland, my cosuins showed me some meaningful sites. My grandparents immigrated from Ireland but didn't speak about it much to me as a kid because their time there was so difficult. My grandmother and her 3 sisters all moved to america but a brother and one sister stayed behind. The youngest sister, Minnie, stayed to take care of the their mother who had gone blind. The brother, Jack, fought in the revolution against the british. The cousin's I visit are the decendents of Minnie and there are like, hundreds of them. They are good at having babies. My cousin's took me to Kerry where my grandmother lived as a kid. I went to the actually site where her house stood. Then we visited the little schoolhouse that her and her siblings went to at the turn of the century. It was far from their little house up and down steep hills on rocky dirt paths. Apparently they rode their bikes to and fro in the cold and rain. There was nothing much around except beauty . They eventually had to leave Kerry because one could not really make a life for oneself. The memories were still standing though and I got to visit them.

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