Sep 19, 2018

Romantic Tale

A few years back, my dairy farming cousin who lives in Ireland married an amazing girl named Caroline. Before they were married, they stayed on holiday with my wife and I in New York. Caroline's sister, Aileen, also came along. Because I have a hundred cousins in Ireland, my wife and I seem to go to a wedding there evey year. We always run into Aileen and have grown quite find of her. At one of these weddings we even met her so-called boyfriend. Let's call him Alan (which happens to be his name). Last year, Aileen came to stay with us again. This time she brought along the so-called boyfiend. The first night with us, Yun inquired about the chances of getting married, after all it had been 7 years of dating. Aileen told Yun, "not anytime soon." A few nights later, the couple arrived back at our apartment after a day of touristing. Aileen said, that afternoon they went down by the water, next to the Brooklyn Bridge. Out of nowhere, Alan got down on his knee and shocked the living hell out of Aileen by proposing. No longer a so-called boyfiriend, but instead an amazing stand-up guy. Yun was so excited, she informed Alan that while they were in New York, he might as well visit the diamond district. The next goddamn day, she had a ring on her finger. This guy is full of friggin surprises. Anyway, we just got back from Ireland, celebrating their wedding. This framed drawing was our gift to them.


Serena Lewis said...

Wonderful art and a great story!

Furree Katt said...

And what a gift indeed! p.s. did you misspell 'boyfriend' each time on purpose? :p

Clipping Path said...

I'm personally a big fan of blogger blog. Thanks for sharing this post.