Sep 24, 2018

Hurricane Florence

When Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina, over 100 lagoons of pig waste overflowed into the rivers and water systems. Large scale pig farms have olympic-pool size, holes in the ground, to hold all the urine and excrement. Anaerobic bacteria gets mixed into this junk which is suppose to slowly digest it over time. It's basically giant messes. The Carolinas have these stink pools all over the place. North Carolina alone, has 9.7 million pigs that produce 10 billion gallons of manure a year. Hurricane Florence caused structural damage to many of them and others were swept over by floodwaters. On a side note, 3.4 million chickens and turkeys drown along with 5,500 pigs. I don't think anyone living in that state should shower, drink, or cook with any H2O coming from their faucets. Unfortunately, none of this will effect your ability to get a reasonably cheap, pork, ham, and bacon McPig sandwich at your local fast food joint. But maybe you should think twice about our environment before ordering one.

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