Jul 18, 2018


I was as shocked as anyone else that after Putin gave Trump the soccer ball in Helsinki, he then handed him a copy of my new illustration book. Vlad felt that Donald J is more comfortable with looking at pictures than reading and retaining information. Trump said he "WOOD" love to look at the tremendous drawings. The next day though Don wanted to clarify his statement. Trump now says, "I WOODEN have any difficulties reading the tremendous words of Tommy Kane if I chose to." Trump also stands by his use of the word, "wood", which he says, "paper is made from". "The Fake News will try to twist that to make me look like I don't know what I'm talking about." Trump tweeted today, "a lot of people high up in the art world were very happy with my use of the word, wood. They really were."


Furree Katt said...

Tommy I'm shook that you're still actively posting on blogspot. I highly doubt you'll remember me from the old blogging days but I'm so so so happy to see you and your wonderful art again!

Maggid said...

I hope you can (somehow) "hear" the singing . . . "You make me so very happy!"
This post is so fun I simply HAD to comment. Visit you pages often (I'm a sketchbook skool wannabe) - such enjoy your work . . Thanks!