May 25, 2018


I started a drawing of shells in Florida many months ago. I never finished it. I happened to have the same drawing book with me at the beach in Mexico. So I added a bunch of coral and shells I found in the ocean of Tulum.

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Maggid said...

i visit . . and enjoy . . A LOT . . . learn from you at SketchbookSkool . . . don't see "comments" . . so, I'm leaving a comment . . . I bet LOTS of people visit . . and don't stop to tell you . . .

golly you are fun.
I sketched a bar of soap . . still in wrapper . . (I'm kind of a rookie)
the little drawing turned out nifty . . . and I wrote under it
that it was "Tommy-Kane-ish" - (very happy making for me.)

Just want to say "hi!"
and, thanks!