Apr 16, 2018


In March, Trump withdrew the Animal Welfare Rule. This rule applied to animals being raised for meat labeled organic. Because of Trump, the animals no longer need any access to outdoors. Now when you buy organic chicken, it will be raised indoors, jammed together as close as possible next to other chickens or in cages. This increases disease, sores, tumors, broken limbs and cancers. The current language governing what can be certified organic is clear on some points. Animals must be raised without antibiotics or growth hormones, and their feed must also be organic without genetically modified organisms or unapproved synthetic pesticides. But there is less clarity on animal welfare and living conditions. Many hens and cows live in the same or similar conditions as their nonorganic counterparts, with no room to move and only screened-in porches for "outside" access. The USDA estimates that about half of all organic eggs come from hens living in total confinement. I know there are people out there who voted for Trump and are now pretending they sort of like his presidency. My advice though is at least don't eat any meat until he is out of office. By the way, 200 million eggs were recalled just this weekend for salmonella. And so it begins.

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Joan Wright said...

My only problem with your drawing and verbiage is the chickens you drew look orders of magnitude healthier than the actual chickens enduring the living hell that is meat production. I appreciate your work on behalf of teaching people and offering information. Thank you.