Apr 19, 2018

Sarah Huckapoo Sanders

"Look, as the president has clearly stated, he thinks Tommy Kane has been the source of numerous leaks. Mr. Kane was recently spotted on a flight to Mexico with black ink all over his enormous hands from an exploded Uniball pen. It was obvious because the ink was also on his very expensive Ralph Lauren double RRL shirt too. It is no secret that Kane is known in the art world as a very bad hombre. President Trump has repeatedly said that Kane has been leaking for years. Tommy Kane is just as pathetic as Crooked Picasso or Little Monet."


Janet Ghio said...


Anonymous said...

Tommy Kane is obviously one of those leakers!

Anonymous said...

Sarah HuckaPOO sanders has several problems: craniofacial distortion, kmart wardrobe and disinfluence verval delivery, And the inability to TELL THE TRUTH !!!