Apr 23, 2018

No Gym Before Breakfast

My friend, Danny Gregory, published a brilliant book that has been out for a while called, "Art Before Breakfast." It's about making art part of the everyday routine of your life. From beginners to professionals and even folks who haven't drawn since they were a kid, the book is for everyone. Permission to doodle and how to go about it without any self-imposed doubt getting in the way. Recently, he's been posting a drawing each day that he does before his own breakfast. It's a clever way to promote his great book and to give examples of how it's done. One particular sketch he did was of his cup of morning tea. So I decided to do my version of a teacup. Danny and I are very different artists. The Kane technique is to do things very elaborately, (basically too elaborately, so don't try this at home.) At a diner one morning, I ordered tea and drew it before my breakfast. I don't drink tea, by the way, so it just sat there for me to sketch. I purposely positioned it off to one side in order to leave room for what my brain would come up with to fill the rest of the page. When I got home, I thought up the idea of the steam mixed with my ink stamps from Japan. Technically I did not draw this part before breakfast but sometimes lighting strikes when you least expect it. The drawing was starting to look good to me. Next morning before breakfast, I pondered, "what goes with tea?" Crumpets of course. It's just that I didn't know what they were and have never actually seen one. I looked crumpets up online and drew one. I added a mouth because it seemed too straightforward and boring on its own. Once completed, I felt the crumpet looked just like the moon. So before my next morning's breakfast, I added a spaceman and the typeface. The following morning, Yun told me she was going to meet a friend from out of town for breakfast at the fancy, St. Regis hotel in midtown Manhattan. Before her friend arrived, I drew the sterling silver milk serving thing and the top of a 5-pound salt shaker. I spotted a sweet and low packet on the table and stole it to glue into my page. The following morning I added the tea bag, lemons, and tea leaves. Danny is an insightful and practical artist doing his drawing all in one sitting before he eats. I, on the other hand, am a slightly insane fanatic who took half a dozen pre breakfasts of mental gymnastics to draw my cup of tea. So get your copy of, "Art Before Breakfast" and see where it takes you.

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