Nov 15, 2017

Industrialized Fishing

One good reason to eat less fish is because of Industrialized fishing methods. There are 1.4 billion hooks deployed annually on long lines (on each of which is a chunk of fish, squid, or dolphin flesh used as bait). A single fleet of boats have up to 1,200 nets, each one thirty miles in length used to catch one species. A single vessel can haul in 50 tons of sea animals in a few minutes. It's not a very sustainable formula.


Joan Wright said...
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Joan Wright said...

I appreciate your art and its political stands. For me art and politics are inseparable. Having worked for a major seafood company I have seen internal videos of long-net trawler fishing. Almost no individuals survive the crush of bodies and compression that occurs as the net is pulled to the surface. This fishing practice (and all of them frankly) enforce and cultivate a complete disregard for ecosystems, biodiversity or the health of the consumer. Their rhetoric and marketing press claims company policies of sustainability, but no independent data supports these claims.
This email is a thank you for your work and some context for what I enjoy in your art beyond the obvious aesthetic.
Thank you.