Oct 12, 2017

Lime In The Coconut

I was just in Florida for the wedding of 2 of my favorite people, Kaetlin and Amanda. One morning I found a coconut on the beach and decided to draw it. I put some shells around because that's the only other objects I could find on the beach. Once I started, I knew I would put a lime in there too. Recently I was hanging out with my friend, Butch Belair's 6 year old daughter, Layla. I always say and do goofy things around her. I began to sing the song, "lime in the coconut", over and over. I'm sure she thought I was making it up. I told her it was a real song. The look on her face said, no way. So I found it on my phone and played it for her. The song is so absurd that she couldn't believe some knucklehead actually recorded it. Now when I make something up and tell her its real, she may actually believe me a little. If you haven't heard the song in a million years, its worth a listen.


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