Aug 14, 2017


I've draw every bird at the Museum of Natural History. None left.


Mike Szwarc said...

Vultures are my favorite bird. I live in rural south central Texas, and see vultures every day. We have black and turkey vultures down here. The turkey vultures are more rugged individuals, while the black vultures are more social (they also mate for life). While people seem to hold a negative view of vultures, vultures are not predators, they are scavengers who perform the very necessary function of cleaning up all the dead animal carcasses that litter the countryside. For doing this gruesome, but necessary work, vultures have been rewarded with the ability to soar above the earth for hours at a time. Interesting fact: new world vultures, i.e. those in North America, don't have a syrinx, the structure that allows birds to vocalize, and thus are silent birds-- the most they can do is too make a sort of hissing noise. So anytime you hear vultures in the soundtrack of a western, it's BS added by the director.

Joan Wright said...

I too love vultures. Their function in the ecosystem is undervalued, as is their specialized physiology to survive the consequences of their diet. Lovely image.

Isabella Olivia said...

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Wendy Luane Barber said...

Not a fan of vultures but that is beautiful.