Aug 16, 2017


The typical cage for egg-laying hens allows floor space about the size of a sheet of printer paper. Such cages are stacked 3 to 9 tiers high. Japan has the world's highest battery cages stacked 18 tiers high, all in windowless sheds. Some chickens will become violent, others will go mad. A few deprived of food and hope will become cannibalistic. 97% of all eggs in the United States are from hens in battery cages with no way to roam outside. The doors of their cages will open once, at the end of their life, for their journey to the only place worse, processing.


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This post is so interesting and describes in detail regarding hen's cage and how they are designed. It also explains the hen's psychology and how they plan ther actions.

Joan Wright said...

I appreciate your political use of art to advocate for ethical treatment and use of animals. Thank you. Your art is interesting on its own. The message is value added. And, perhaps one of the best functions of art, your work provokes thought. Thank you again.