Aug 2, 2017

Drawing The Met

I made a little trip to The Met recently to draw with friends. What I mostly do is try to stay invisible to the guards because you are not allowed to draw with a pen. Of course, as my drawing develops, Chinese tourists descend on me. They are my biggest fans. The problem is the ten person commotion attracts the guard's attention. I'm spotted with nowhere to hide. As the guard hovered, I think he gave me a pass because my skills were more than he anticipated. Next came the 8 Italian girls. They swooped in to hang out and look at my other drawing books. I kept hearing them say that I was "ASINO." Obviously, this had to mean genius because they said it over and over. All I could do was blush and tell them, yes it's true. Grazie, girls.


Ed Byrne said...

Errrrr I have been called "Asino" by some Italians and by their hand gestures I was pretty sure it wasn't genius.
Ed Beard

Pascal Kirchmair said...

"Asino" is a donkey, I think they called you "un genio".

Anonymous said...

Did they think you were Arsenio? You two do look alike.