Jul 11, 2017

Morphine #3

Grandma had some fitful sleeps with all the drugs she was taking. She is always reminiscing about her life. I'm sure she is having crazy dreams about her childhood. I'll bet I'm in those dreams running around wearing a 6-foot blue knitted scarf with a sketchbook in my hand. She has been sleeping much better now. This gives her more energy in the day to keep up with her knitting.


Peggasus said...

What is wrong with you? This old woman's last days are not there for your amusement. You want to do them, fine, just send them to family only, unless you have her permission. I find them very disrespectful. Shit, I, myself, almost died about a year ago, I sure as hell wouldn't have wanted anyone documenting (what could have been) my last days on a public blog.

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