Jul 10, 2017

Morphine #2

Grandma is a knitting machine. My wife thought it would be a good distraction to make her knit while she was in the hospital recently. Here she is propped up in bed after a radiation treatment. She was very buzzed on a lot of drugs but that did not stop her from ripping off row after row of this scarf. When Yun fist got the idea, she told me to bring one ball of yarn to the hospital. She figured grandma was so beat up she would only be able to knit for a little while. Wrong. The next day I brought a giant bag of yarn. The scarf is 6 feet long now.


Mike Szwarc said...

I learned to knit earlier this year-- it's very satisfying and very addicting. I ended up knitting over a dozen wool hats for my wife and myself. The problem is that we live in central Texas, so it only gets cold enough to wear them for a few weeks each year.

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