Jul 3, 2017

Haneda Airport, Japan

On our recent trip to Tokyo, I got a little lost in Shinjuku one afternoon. I was trying to find a certain department store. My friend Jun Nakayama told me to meet her right out front. At this point you should google the name, Jun Nakayama. It's worth it just to see who I was meeting with. Anyway, the department store on my street map didn't quite seem to be in the right place. I stopped a young guy and asked if he knew where it was. He tried using his phone but had no luck finding it either. He really couldn't speak English and he seemed upset that he was no help to me. I told him thank you for trying and went on my way. I was standing on a street corner a few blocks away when suddenly the guy ran up to me with a girl in tow. They were both out of breath from running to find me. Turns out the guy started asking random people until this girl told him she knew where it was. He then convinced her to go with him in search of some guy. The issue it seemed is that there are 2 department stores with the same name. I have to say I was amazed though, at how much trouble all these people went to in order to help a stranger on the street. Japan is pretty amazing in that way. Plus everything works and runs on time unlike NYC.

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