Jul 21, 2017

Fake Fish

I recently read a great article in Newsweek about the practice of cheap bycatch fish being sold in place of expensive fish, basically seafood fraud. Globally in the past decade, about 30% of seafood is mislabeled. Snapper is labelled wrong about 87% of the time. In Italy, 82% of samples Oceana took of perch, grouper and swordfish were mislabeled, mostly at grocery stores and restaurants. Asian catfish, a white-fleshed fish, serves as an imposter for 18 different kinds of more expensive fish, from perch to grouper. A study from UCLA and Loyola Marymount University found that nearly half of all sushi in Los Angeles is mislabeled. One more reason to incorporate vegan and vegetarian choices into your weekly routine.

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Limner said...

I gave up fish for one of those very reasons but I believe we are meant to eat sparingly of flesh proteins because of the adrenaline that's dumped into the animal's blood stream when it realizes it's to be murdered, thanks to Diet for a New America. Vegetables are just as dangerous. Did you read about the imported dangers that tag along in vegs? We cannot grow enough in our raised beds so must supplement from stores and farmers markets. Man has polluted most of the Earth, its air, seeds, water . . . Fish were not meant to be farmed. Farms should not be thousand acre monsters that do more harm than good. Hydroponics make me cry.

So. Vegans aren't much better off than the rest of the eaters. How sad. *sigh*