May 18, 2017

Medium Rare Beagle

It's basically the same as eating pigs, cows, chickens, ducks, horses and on and on. Somehow the meat and dairy industry has done a great job of convincing us otherwise. A lot of small farms give names to their animals that are to be murdered. Maybe it's a little harder to slaughter your cow or pig if it's named Benji, Snowball or Baxter. Animals just want to roam free and raise their families too. The problem starts when some dude in Cleveland wants his veal scallopini for brunch. Then we have to take the baby away from the mommy cow and put it into a meat slicer. Maybe Rover, the baby veal, would rather play in the pasture instead of ending up in some guy's gut. Try a grilled mushroom hero instead.


pay people to write essays said...

Its nice to see the detailed parts of an animal, the parts which we do eat are labelled. It is showing that there is no any part of animals which is not usable. All can be utilized

Limner said...

You left out the cheek and tongue, testicles, trotters, and the bark. Oh. Scrambled eggs with brain. Eyeballs too.

Some tend to forget that dogs are eaten in a few cultures. I wonder if anyone eats pot bellied pigs. They eat horses too. *sigh*

Point well made. Clever of you to "butcher" man's best friend.