May 16, 2017

Great Great Great

A few days ago was the first time I've ever laid eyes on my great grandmother. My grandfather's mom. Here she is. My cousin Fran did a lot of family research and dug up a photograph from one of our overseas cousins. I was able to visit her grave in Brooklyn which Fran also discovered. She died at 37 a few months after making the boat ride from Ireland. It took too much of a toll on her health. Maggie was the mother of 7 children and 6 stepchildren. 13 in all. That's a whole other story for another time. When she came to America, she only had the funds to take 2 of her children along. My grandfather ended up in an orphanage. He was in there from age 9 until he was 18. By that time his other siblings raised enough funds to bring him to America too. Maggie must have been a bit of a nut if I'm related. Anyway a lot of hardship went into the making of me.

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Ross Jacka said...

People will bear huge loss to bring a better life for those they love and care for.