Mar 27, 2017

LOONey tunes

I've been wanting to use my black brush pen. It's basically a paintbrush that is full of black ink. You can control how fine or thick a line you want by the amount of pressure you place upon it while drawing with it. This Loon's head came in handy at the museum of natural history. When I'm drawing there, every foreign tourist that comes by and sees me working says the same thing, "congratulations." No American says it. I haven't quite figured that one out yet.


shining essay said...

Good work, Tommy Kane. Your painting is looking so nice. Specially the highlighted black face of the duck is giving a very nice look.

Jose Fernandez said...

Maybe they think it I'll hang on the wall when you finish it? :-) beautiful.

International Academic Conferences said...

Great work brother. Your art is amazing and beautiful. You blessed with beautify of art and creativity. Thank you for sharing this beautiful art with us