Jan 24, 2017

Sue Rose's Kitchen

When I was in Seattle I stayed with my brilliant artist friend, Sue Rose. One afternoon we drew together. I sat in her kitchen and sketched her plants. Her windows face Lake Washington, so it is quite a sight to behold. On another afternoon, Sue and I went to a Bonzai museum. It's in the outskirts of Seattle. The bonzais are enormous and each one lives in it's own giant glass case. All of these are outdoors. It was zero degrees and Sue and I were the only ones there walking around. The person who sells you the ticket was shocked to see 2 people show up in such cold weather. It was quite surreal and beautiful. There was an enormous parking lot with our car being the only one parked there all day. We were the last people on earth.


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Jose Fernandez said...

Heni Herbal is driving me nuts. Why is it noteworthy that you're "hot but happy"? There's no contradiction there. Also h out keep saying that Mr. Kanye has provided useful information "once" after every one of his posts. You should say "again" instead. Just a suggestion.