Dec 24, 2016

Washington DC Train Station

I have a theory, unproven of course. Whenever I go to draw someone, no matter how hidden I am from that individual, they somehow realize it even if their eyes are closed. This happens with great frequency. I think that because all our bodies have electrical synapses running through them, this current gets transferred to others around us. So when I focus my energy (which I admit is very powerful) on some unsuspecting person in a train station, they feel me. Usually I stalk a person a bit before I draw them. If they are too fidgety then I know I can't draw them that well. Sleepers are the best. Although these guys were out cold, after me spending 15 minutes drawing them, suddenly they jump out of their coma and turn towards me. This happens so much that I half expect it. Still it's unnerving.


Anonymous said...

Here is to the current running through my electrical synapses getting transferred to you and wishing a Happy Holiday to all.
Ed Beard

larry said...

Aside from the fact that synapses don't run through your body (they are the gaps between neurons), I couldn't agree more with your post. It's uncanny. Woman radar is the best for noticing me trying to sketch them :-)

Bobby said...

I wonder if it's the same with writing. Also, if I write about somebody before they write about me, do I 'win?'

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