Nov 14, 2016

World's Greatest Sketchbook

Another one done. It will take two minutes of your time to watch. Sketchbooks are no match for me. I kick their ass.


Mike Szwarc said...

Thanks for the tour, Tommy! I love looking at other people's sketchbooks.

Rebecca said...

Love seeing this, wonderful! Can I ask about the song, artist?


kane said...

"Wicked Game" by Anna Naklab.

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Limner said...

You're handsome in video.

Steve Cohoon said...

Dang! Thanks for the peek. Your stuff keeps getting better all the time.

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Pierre BRODY said...

Hi Tolly Kane,
In France we can't see the video. It is writen : "This video includes content of Believe Music, which didn't let it played in your country because of author rights resaons" (Excuse my bad translation!)
Pierre Brody

Heni Herbal said...

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glaucia said...

What kind of sketchbook did you use for this?

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