Oct 3, 2016

Pipe Bomb

Sausage is a really good reason for people to become vegan or at least vegetarian. I was searching the types of items that have been discovered in said product over the years. That would be unwanted items. If you think about it, no one would eat one of these suckers knowing that gross, disgusting things like toenails sometimes end up in them. You would never put any of these things in your mouth on their own but hide them inside a sausage, no problem. None of those horrifying ingredients would be found in an eggplant. That is why my sausages are zucchinis,squash and cucumbers.


Candie McKenna said...

Your drawings are beyond compelling. This one is truly horrifying. I feel sorry for the pig and I am scared of the sausage. Mission accomplished. I think we're all afraid of sausage and hot dogs if we admit it but you just had to go push us over the edge, didn't you? Keep em coming. No one will ever be able to say you are boring.

kane said...


Anonymous said...

Even lettuce isn't clean.