Oct 10, 2016

My New Ceramics

I've gone back to ceramics after a long hiatus. This is the first in my new series. It is a wall hanging sculpture. It's based on the drawings I've been doing about becoming vegan. My pieces are about the mistreatment of animals as a way of life for supplying us with cheap food sources. There are more of these to come. Even the ladies in my pottery studio are impressed with my new direction. Trust me, they are not an easy crowd to impress. So I'm pretty happy about that. All of this goes back to my friend Sue Rose, who introduced to me the idea of doing ceramics. I owe it all to her. She also does ceramics not so much to make plates and bowls but to do it as sculpture. I've talked a lot in the past about how I surround myself with geniuses. When one has the ability to do that, it will effect your own work because you are up close with other people working on the highest levels. I know I am on the low end of the totem pole but I keep at it. At least I'm on the pole. Every once in a while I actually succeed at something.