Sep 14, 2016

My Spine

Every time I see my endocrinologist, she informs me that my spine is curved. I tell her the same thing. "Being the creative type, I've spent decades hunched over drafting tables creating artwork, bent over desks painting and curled up on stools drawing in my sketchbooks." She said that would clearly explain it. In fact she's encountered it before. My doctor told me that it only happens to artist's of the highest caliber. That last part I made up. For all the torture I've put my body through being a genius, it would be nice if my malady could be some type of badge of honor. I'm sure Picasso, Michelangelo and Charles Shultz all dealt with the same thing. By the way, my eyes are on their last legs too. Nothing much I can do. At least I'm happy.

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Limner said...

From now on I will view my scoliosis in a more wholesome way. Thank you.