Jul 27, 2016

Trip To Portugal, Morocco and Madrid

Another Tommy Kane exclusive. Watch this little 3 minute video of our little trip to Lisbon, Tavira, Madrid and Tangiers. A fast and furious ride through several countries. It will make your head spin.


big mamabird said...

Fun share,thanks!

sheryl pond said...

Hey that was great! what kind of magic camera are you using? I guess you both love traveling. My husband and i sold all our belongings and our condo.
All we have is our car,Sophia,our gps, Gloria and we travel from furnished apartment to furnished apartment . We usually stay anywhere from 2-3 months at a time. We get to know the area better and I try to start a sketch group in each place we go. That way I can keep touch with the art tribes. We can also see our adult kids ,grandkids as they tlive in London and different parts of us. Sorry if this bores you but have you 2 ever considered this?

sheryl pond said...

Oh ya and i like to see your work evolving into more humorous but socially interesting. Hope that makes sense.