Jul 20, 2016

The End

In order to make a drawing like this, you need to have lots of free time. On our recent trip to Europe, my wife and I went to Portugal, Spain and Morocco. We spent a lot of time on planes and trains. There was stays in Lisbon, Tavira, Madrid and Tangiers. When I would spend time making this drawing in the last page of my sketchbook, my wife would look at me like I had a screw come loose in my brain. She could clearly hear it rattling around while I scribbled. It gives me something to do because I don't like to be idle. It's the catholic school upbringing. Looking at this in person would really hurt your eyes. Mine got blown out on this trip. I am back recuperating from jetlag and all around beat-upness.


Susan said...

Wow! Needlepoint with a pen. I'm impressed.

Limner said...

Rest in peace. Step away from all drawing materials. Simply rest. Then start again.

SugarLand said...

You must have spent a lot of time on those trains and planes geez.