Jul 25, 2016

Summer Holiday In Tangiers

I didn't really do much drawing on our summer holiday. It would take too long to explain but getting old has one reason to do with it. This trip we visited so many friends and family and went from destination to destination, leaving me little time. I did do this one in Tangier though. There are too many stories to tell so I will just give you a tiny observation about the crazy old town of Tangier. Yun and I walked everywhere, got lost and found our way around too. It's a maze of a place but very lovely. One day if was quite hot so we decided to take a cab to get us to another section of town instead of walking. The cab's back windows were rolled up making it an oven. We noticed there were no handles to roll the windows down. We asked the driver if the windows could be lowered. He reached into the glove compartment and pulled out both handles. He gave me one so I attached it and rolled down mine, then Yun did hers. Also the driver stops periodically and picks up old guys with no teeth and transports them to odd spots for little to no money. I liked that. When he dropped us off finally, he handed me back the handle to put the windows back up. Yun and I wondered if there was a lot of window handle thievery that goes on in Morocco. It will remain a mystery.


Anonymous said...

Are people from Tangiers called Tangerines?
Ed Beard

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Limner said...

A good door keeps unwanted guests out. A beautiful door always beckons. Doors are like mouths; we pay attention to what goes in and what comes out. :D