Jun 21, 2016

Turned Away

Something odd happened to me in Seattle. This was a first. One morning I went to breakfast at Pike's Market. I sat at the counter of a restaurant called, Athenian. A lot of places don't have vegan meals so I usually cobble one together from items on the menu. I asked the waitress if I could order plain toast with lettuce and tomatoes on it, a side order of home fries and a fruit salad. She seemed perplexed, especially about my lettuce and tomato sandwich. Off to the kitchen she went. Returning I was informed that I could only order the pre-set breakfasts as they appeared on the menu. No mix and match. Everything contained bacon, sausage, ham, cheese, butter or yogurt. I informed her that I was vegan and never had a restaurant turn me down before for trying to order healthy food. I wanted to clarify the situation with her. I could order food that causes cancer, heart disease and diabetes made from murdered animals raised in horrible conditions. No problem eating endless amounts of dairy which is taking a horrible toll on our environment. But if I want to eat food that will be extremely healthy and help make the world a better place, I would have to go elsewhere? She said yes. Luckily close by was another restaurant. The name of this one was Lowell's. They had an amazing vegan breakfast on the menu. Veggies over potatoes. I was a happy customer.


MK Buike said...

How odd, especially since Seattle has so many vegetarians and vegans. Though some places do announce on the menu "no substitutions" or some such. Too bad for them, they lost a customer. I probably won't eat there in future.

Mike Szwarc said...

Remember when Jack Nicholson tried to order whole wheat toast in "Five Easy Pieces"?

Limner said...

You mean you're not gonna sue??? Wow. :)