May 6, 2016

The Commercial

Meat Like Substance from Tommy Kane on Vimeo.

I am going to reveal the secret to my successful career in advertising. When the client would brief us on what they wanted us to say in their ads and commercials, I didn't listen. They would want the consumer to know it made their hair shinier or it reduced your energy consumption by half or it made your teeth whiter. Hearing this stuff turned me into the deaf, dumb and blind boy living in a quiet vibration land. My philosophy was to never say anything to the consumer at all. Just sell a feeling. So the commercial I produced for my brand could have been done by a sixth grader. You sort of think I'm selling you something but I'm actually doing nothing. In fact, my commercial will piss some people off. This is the best kind of reaction one could hope for. We call it a homerun in the business. So next time you're in the supermarket and you come across a can of Meat Like Substance, most likely it will end up in your shopping cart. One more status symbol to have just like that Michael Kors handbag on your shoulder, the Reebok shoes you're wearing and the iphone you talk on. My first commercial is targeting my female audience. Enjoy.