May 3, 2016

The Ad Campaign

There is a reason ADWEEK magazine called me one of the great advertising geniuses of the 90's. This is the first ad for my product called, Meat Like Substance. I will create the illusion that this product is highly addictive. It must taste so good, you might eat it three meals a day. People will also think they are eating meat, which this is not. It is really made up of the scraps of vegetables people throw away, basically compost. The nice thing is that my product will contain no salt or sugars. Just brown garbage. That doesn't matter really because advertising will make people want to have it anyway. Plus they will feed it to their kids. I want to start them out young. So basically I have just given you a lesson in today's food industry. Oh and lastly there is one other trick I will use. I will charge a slightly higher price than my competitors. Folks love to think they are buying their family the primo product. Gets them every time.

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