May 16, 2016

Cheetos Mouth

For the past few years I have spent many days in hospitals. It has not been for me but for visiting other folks. Every time I go to one, there is something that jumps out at me that I can't quite figure out. Wherever you can sit down, there is a giant vending machine, chock full of Doritos, Cheetos, Doctor Pepper, Coke and diet Pepi's. Basically bags of salt and bottles of carbonated sugar water. One of the big reasons people are usually there in the first place has been because of a lifetime of downing this stuff. You would think doctors would be against this junk being in the hospital but it shows the power of the food industry. Soon doctor's and nurse's gowns may have Mountain Dew logos on them. I guess people are going to consume the hell out of it anyway. Hospitals may want to install hotel style minifridges in each room. Make it even easier for people to get what they crave.


Stephanella said...

Yes, indeed this has also baffled me. A few weeks back I was at the A&E with a broken foot and I was thinking exactly the same as I observed the pile of junk in those machines. I ask myself the same when I look at the vending machines in offices too... all of this drive to reduce fat or carbs or sugar or fill-in-the-blank... well... they could have fruits in those machines, or carrot sticks, or bottles of water, or plain yogurt, couldn't they?

Anonymous said...

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