Apr 13, 2016

Where It Really Comes From

My friend has 2 boys around 10 and 12 years old. I asked him if they knew where their food comes from. He said NO. Being raised in Manhattan, there are no farms. Although they have seen corn grown in the Hamptons. To them, a chicken finger and a hot dog are no different than an Oreo cookie or a Pop Tart. At Cosco, they see aisles of shrink wrapped meat type things. At least when it comes to fish, sometimes they actually see a fish. I'm not blaming the kids, they are growing up in a time where the food industry has a lot of control. We've become desensitized. Food seems all the same, made in a food factory somewhere. It gets boxed, canned or jarred with cute packaging on it. If we really saw what was happening, that would not be good, probably because murder is involved. Better kept out of sight. The way it is set up now, Colonel Sanders and Jim Purdue help paint a rosy picture for us. It probably is a good idea to have all these television spokespeople keep us far away from reality. Growing up, I used to get my nutritional information from Elsie the Cow.


Jen KnowingTheLight said...

Loving all the vegan focused stuff ATM Tommy, I'm not vegan yet, but I know I should be, I am transitioning slowly, mainly due to health reasons and getting sick when I try to do it all in one go.

It's making me think about my end goal here- thanks!

kane said...

Put yourself first.

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