Apr 11, 2016

Shut Your Monkey

Having lived in Manhattan for over 30 years, I get to meet a lot of geniuses. Almost being one myself has compelled quite a few of them to befriend me. One in particular is Danny Gregory. He's recently written a brilliant book, just another in a long list of them. This particular one is called: "SHUT YOUR MONKEY." You can get it on Amazon. It's about that little voice in our head that always holds us back. Being an artist my whole life has made me very susceptible to self doubt. Those of us who are actors, musicians and painters have to deal with a lot of rejection. It goes with the territory. I was strong enough to make my way to Manhattan and become successful in the highest echelons of advertising but it wasn't easy. I was constantly telling myself I was a fraud and would soon be discovered and sent packing. There seemed to be a sea of people as talented or better than me. Danny's book is a guide to take control of your inner voice. He compares the voice to that of a chattering monkey, hence the title. I use a handgun to keep mine at bay. So if you want to close down that part of you that wants to avoid risk, then this book is for you. Also you don't have to be an artist to read it. His philosophy applies to all walks of life. Tomorrow I will post a photo of his book so you will know what it looks like when you're in a bookstore.