Mar 30, 2016

Kill The Rainforset

I always thought the reason people chopped down the rainforest was because of the lumber. Boy was I clueless. 136 million acres of rainforest have already been cleared for agriculture, mainly livestock and feed crops. That is why my favorite thing to eat is a tabouli salad.


Serena Lewis said...

Great illustration, Tommy! What humans are doing to the planet should be a crime yet the destruction and pollution continue daily. Mankind sure has a lot to answer for.

Steve Cohoon said...

Your drawing has really made some leaps lately... always keeping your fans on our toes.

Gabriella said...

Thank you for being artistically informative. I love Tabuli too!

Anonymous said...

It has been a couple of months since I've checked out your blog (I'm not much of a computer person). I was very surprised to hear of your major life decision to become a vegan and your reasons for doing so. Your art reaches so many and it is a very effective avenue for many to be exposed to some harsh realities - and at the same time showing your fine art work.

At a time in our history when there is rampant greed, outrageous heartlessness and a disconnect toward fellow humans, animals and the planet; this seemingly small decision of an artist heartens me and lifts my spirits. Approximately 45 years ago (while cooking some meat) I had an epiphany and stopped eating meat forever. That was before I had even heard the word vegetarian. I have never regretted it.

Please continue to display your wonderful art that teaches and informs about compassion, integrity and decency.

Thank you,
Kate from Whidbey Island