Mar 21, 2016

Game Of Chicken

There is a show on the Food Network that I really dislike. The name is Man versus Food with Adam Richman. The dude goes to different restaurants and engages in eating contests. You get to watch him devourer like 300 chicken wings in 15 minutes or gorge down a four foot hamburger in 20. It is a waste of food on an unprecedented scale. It's gross actually. In Brooklyn we have our yearly Coney Island hot dog eating contest. The contestants force feed themselves hundreds of Nathan hot dogs. Then they vomit it all into buckets when the show is over. I guess no one thinks about the animals who gave their lives for these silly contests. How come they never use apples or Brussels sprouts for these events? I assume that would not be horrifying enough. I think all of us need to treat our food as a sacred gift, especially if it was an animal being forced to live in a crate just a week before.


Anonymous said...

Amen, brother! Thank you for the post...the more we speak, the more people will hear, even if its one at a time. Kudos to you, Mr. Kane.

kane said...

I'll take it.

Terry said...

I *so* agree. Eating "contests" are obscene. I seriously question the mentality of anyone who does it or enjoys watching them.