Feb 29, 2016

The World Trade Freedom Center Tower Thing

The Freedom Tower lives somewhere downtown. It's a somewhat nebulous building that I don't ever notice. I'm not sure it's really trying to be looked at. The building was finished over a year ago. One freezing cold morning I decided to draw it while sitting on the corner of 6th avenue and Bleecker street. This is the first time I actually looked at it since it has been up. Someone crossing the street, said to me, "it's so much better than the old towers." I don't really agree but what do I know. The thing was just peaking up over the Greenwich Village rooftops. The sky was very stormy and the reflective surface was picking up all the light type action in the clouds. It was sort of groovy actually. I couldn't take the cold for too long so I finished this at the bar of the restaurant I was meeting my friends at for lunch. The first time I had to thaw out this year.


jizogarden said...

I know where you were while doing your piece. I used to live just two blocks away on Bleeker and MacDougal. When I left there I could see the World Trade Towers....it's all changed now....I agree that the about the Freedom Tower...but what do I know. Love your stormy sky :)

Corby Blem said...

Not better or worse, just different. I loved those old towers and their generic 70s architectural style. The Freedom Tower which gleams and twists certainly feels more futuristic, but who's to say in forty more years what it actually becomes a symbol of. I sort of can't wait to find out.

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