Feb 10, 2016

Hand Wringing

I was drawing at the Museum of Natural History the other day. The men's room was packed with little kids. They were everywhere. Every stall, urinal and sink was occupied. Suddenly their teacher was yelling at them. "Please stop running the water, don't get it on your jackets, I don't want you freezing when we get outside." It was to no avail. Their coats were soaked. He finally gave up and then gave this speech. "Did any of you pee on your hands?" They all said no but I knew they were lying. In fact if I had to bet, I would say they all peed on their hands. The teacher then said, "OK let's go, no need to wash your hands." He had to choose between completely soaking wet jackets or pee hands. Pee hands prevailed. He made the right choice in my opinion. Suddenly I had the men's room all to myself.


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Mrs. Hahn said...

That was the right choice... Get those kids on the bus. Thanks for the smile.

Regina Hilary said...

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