Jan 4, 2016

Museum Of American History

Over the holidays I was in DC, so I went to the Museum of American History. It's a bit of a dreary place. I did managed to find a few groovy items to draw. Plus I got to hang out with Kermit the frog. When Yun and I were driving down south, we were forced to bring HER cat because the cat sitter was unavailable. To make a long story short, the cat was roaming freely around the inside of the car. She stood on my lap to look out the window, which of course was a ruse. Then Ace proceeded to take a dump on my lap as I was driving along the Jersey turnpike. My wife screamed with laughter and terror as each turd fell onto me. As hard as it was I just ignored the proceedings. Through tears of hysteria, my wife tried to clean me as best she could before we pulled off at a rest stop. The cat is a pisser.


Mike Szwarc said...

Great page layout. I'd love to see Sinatra's booger. Is it a famous one, like one that was visible during a show in Vegas?

Anonymous said...

That'd be an awesome video.
"Road doody bombs from a kitty
almost kill artist." I bet there was poo
stains on the outside and inside of
those pants.
Ed Beard

ann @ studiohyde said...

I do hope Yun has recovered!

Ben Simon said...

Next time your in DC, you should hit the National Museum of Health and Medicine - if that doesn't give you some creepy stuff to draw, than I don't know what will.

I haven't always found the Smithsonians to be the best museums, but they sure do have incredible stuff.

Joanna Tseng said...

whoa! very cool you were in the area. I would like to recommend also the National Gallery of Art. It is full of amazing sculptures to draw and beautiful artwork.

Donna Damm said...

That was hysterical! You made me laugh so hard I woke my husband.

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