Jan 14, 2016

Meeting Ann

I've drawn so much at the Museum of Natural History that I need to sketch stuff that really amuses me. I've always wanted to do this Moose's ass. An artist whose work I like, was in town. Her name is Ann Sinarski. We decided the meet up and sketch together. I brought her to this diorama which shows 2 large moose locking horns while fighting each other. Ann put her stool down and started to paint the scene from the side angle like a normal person would. I was drawing a few feet away and don't think she realized what I was up to. Later, I showed her my sketch and she laughed. Ann finally understood that I was drawing the BUTT, the entire time. Well, she got to see me in action anyway even if I'm a little off center.


tutto a posto said...

Actually the most beautiful part of an animal like a moose or horse is the buttocks and thighs. A colleague and I were just saying that on Monday at lunch while she was showing me her sketchbook .

kane said...

Funny thing to talk about at lunch.

Anonymous said...

I'm more of an antler man myself, although I can see being drawn to the moose nether regions.
Ed Beard