Oct 26, 2015

Taiwan Mural Artists

The other night, my friend Steve Petronis brought over 2 Taiwanese mural artists. One, Mr Ogay and Candy Bird. They have been here a few weeks doing murals throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. When Mr. Ogay arrived at JFK, he took a cab into the city. First thing he did was put one of his stickers on a mailbox. There was an undercover cop nearby and they arrested him. You heard me right, 5 minutes in the city and he was taken to jail. Now that is a real graffiti artist. My friend George said that the police should come and arrest me because my name is all over my stickers. He said my stickers should just say, come to my apartment and arrest me now. When they were at my apartment and I had seen some of their work, I was so taken back that gave each one of them a copy of my book. They were so excited that they each did a little drawing for me. They are so talented. I love these 2 drawings. Check out there work: Mr. Ogay, click here: Candy Bird, click here.

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