Sep 30, 2015

You Got The Look

One day I was in France, the next in Ireland. It is easy to see the differences in the way people look and dress. The clothes, hairstyles and especially the shoes. That is the cool thing about traveling, noticing the vive la difference. So I love to sit and draw freaks. These 2 were not sitting together. I drew one lady and then found another freak at a different table. People are always on the move, so that it a little trick of mine. This was in a square in Nice. I love hanging out there. We were in front of a huge old church. The statue of the bearded dude was up high on the wall but I thought it would be better if I pulled him down and put him right behind the ladies. while I was drawing, I asked the waitress for a beer. She wanted to know if I wanted small, medium or large. When my medium arrived, it was the size of a small keg. What the hell could the large look like? Anyway, thank god I only look a little less freaky than these two.


Anonymous said...

They make the best Soupe de French Fries there.
Ed Beard

kane said...


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