Sep 23, 2015

Trinity College Hotel

Yun discovered that we could stay at Trinity College in Dublin instead of a hotel. The students were not there yet so we could stay in the dorms for a lot less than hotel living. The college is centrally located. As I walked around, I think the students mistook me for the new Dean. I sort of do look brilliant so you can't really blame them. We took a tour of the campus given by one of the students. He kept telling me he loved my hat and camera strap and shirt and on and on. Brown nosing the Dean won't help. Well maybe a little and I do have the coolest camera strap. In Cork, we stayed at my cousin Miriam and Alan's house. Plus I got to be around their amazing 12 year daughter, Isabella. I have a lot in common with 12 year olds, so that worked out great. We went to a farmers market one day and I did this painting. His name was Les Clague. The musician even did a rendition of the theme song from, "The Third Man. Ireland is so small that when some of my cousins saw that I did a sketch of Les, said that they were actually good friends of his. "Believe it or not, Ireland has become a place of great food. I constantly ate at the farmer's market. Then I got to wash everything down with a Guinness or three.

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Anonymous said...

The Third Man Theme was originally played on a zither and Les busts his version out on a guitar, Effin sweet.
Ed Beard