Sep 21, 2015


I am back from my trip to Europe. Visited friends and family in Ireland and France. Of course, there was the usual amount of time spent in airports and planes, hence this drawing. We had a driver in Ireland take us to my cousin's house from the airport. Some of the cute little towns had funny names, like Hospital. He told us there is a town named Effin. He informed us if you listen to the local radio news in the morning, you will hear things like, "so and so passed away this week and his funeral will be held at the Effin church this Saturday." In Ireland, everything is a joke. That is why I fit in there so well.


Mike Szwarc said...

"In Ireland everything is a joke". Isn't RyanAir the airline that wanted to install pay toilets in their planes, and was developing stand-up "seating" so they could fit more people on their planes?

Anonymous said...

You Effin kiddin me?
Ed Beard

kane said...

Effin good blog post