Sep 25, 2015

Mary's Garden

One of my Irish cousin's is named Mary. She has a lovely little house with an amazing garden. I spent a lot of time in it. There are 6 cats, 2 dogs and of course, 6 chickens. For her 80th birthday she got a new chicken coop. It's much more practical than a Gucci handbag. Now the local fox can't kill her chickens. In Dublin, I called my cousin, Jack on his cell phone. He was at work, so I asked where we could all meet up when he was finished for the day. He told me to meet him right off South End street. It was close to where we were staying. Find Joe's bar and he will come there. Yun and I strolled up and down but couldn't locate the street. I went into a grocery store and asked for help. I said, "do you know where South End street is?" He answered, "St. Anne's street?" "No, South end street?" He looked puzzled and asked someone else. "You know where South End street is?" They replied, "St. Anne's street?" You get the idea. This went on for a bit until it hit me. Because my cousin has such a thick Irish accent, I misunderstood him. He always sounds like he has a mouthful of marbles. I came out and told Yun, we were actually looking for St. Anne's street. She greeted me with that, you are a moron look. I've seen it many times before so I'm used to it. Of course we find no Joe's Bar on St. Anne's street. Finally Yun stops and points to a sign that says Keough's Bar. Again I get the, you are a moron stare. From that point on, I was removed of all duties of arranging things.

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