Aug 27, 2015

Tanning Moms

A couple of slightly plastic surgeoned mothers sat next to me one day. They constantly jumped up and chased after their sons. "Don't swim too far out. Don't drift too far down the beach." You get the idea. The sons were fine swimmers and were mostly mortified by their moms behavior. Their crazy activity kept them occupied and unaware of what I was doing. Their husbands were nowhere to be found. Probably working on Wall street and happy to get rid of everyone for a week.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy all your drawings but this summer's beach drawings (and your witty humor) have really been delightful!

Mayumi Elisa said...

I really liked this part of the article, with a nice and interesting topics have helped a lot of people who do not challenge things people should know.. You need more publicize this so many people who know about it are rare for people to know this... Success for you.....!!!

Róisín Curé said...

Very evocative. I was probably exactly the same when my kids were young. Without the surgery.