Aug 21, 2015

Cooking Oil

Another generation or 2 ago, people used to go to the beach and cover themselves in oil. Then they would take tin foil and stick it under their chin and bake themselves like George Hamilton. Doctors found out that this was like, not a good thing. We have since learned about skin cancer and protecting ourselves from the sun. Do the sun in moderation. So I was a bit surprised to encounter this old geezer who was still covering himself with oil and baking out in the sun for hours on end. His tan did not even look good but I'm sure he thought he was gorgeous as a result. There were all sorts of bad sun spots on top of his head but he just went right on cooking. I sat with a hat on under a giant umbrella drawing his dumb ass.


Naomi Chelsea said...

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Anonymous said...

This is just so funny.

Anonymous said...

You gotta keep old leather oiled up so it stays supple.
King of like a baseball glove.
Ed Beard(

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